Terms & Conditions for booking-Walliswood Village Hall

Is there someone in the locality who would like to join Walliswood Village Hall Association Committee? We presently have a couple of vacancies. We meet 6 times a year at the Village Hall from 8.00 till 10.00pm. For an informal chat please contact the Chairman, Michael Miles 01306 627248 or email michael@fivemiles.co.uk. The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 18 March.

Walliswood Village Hall

Booking Terms & Conditions

To Book Walliswood Village Hall
Please return the completed Booking Form with the full payment within the next 7 days to secure the date.  Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque, the latter to be made payable to “Walliswood Village Hall Association”.

Additionally, a ‘Damage/Condition Deposit’ of £50, (bank transfer, cheque or cash) is also due when booking.  This deposit will be refunded by your payment method, to the hirer within 7 days of the termination of hire provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents throughout the period of hire.

If the booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to booking – a full refund will be given: 
If less than 4 weeks’ notice but more than 2 weeks prior – 50% will be returned:
If less than 2 weeks’ notice – no refund is given.

Other information
Preparation/Clearing up - All setting up and clearing up time must be included in your booking period. 

Free Wi-Fi - Now available at the Village Hall and the code to access this facility can be found on the white box in the committee room.

Opening/Closing - If the Village Hall has not been opened when you arrive the key to the front door of the hall is kept in the key safe that is fixed to the outside back wall of the hall, to the left of the defibrillator.  The code to this key safe will be emailed to you 12 to 24hrs prior to the commencement of the booking.  It operates both upper and lower locks on the main front door.

NB The code to access the key safe will not be released until full payment for the booking has been made.

Bi-fold Doors - These lead down to the field via wooden steps.  Full instructions on how to open these doors are pinned to the blue notice board in the hall.  The key to open the bi-fold doors hangs to the right of these instructions.

The Central Heating - This is controlled automatically and if cold enough will switch on 45 minutes before the start of your booking and will turn off at the end of your session.  Please do NOT adjust any of the individual radiator thermostats.  Instructions can be found under the thermostat control in the Committee Room should you wish to increase/reduce the heating during the hire period.

Hot Water - This is always available via the Combi Boiler by simply running any of the hot water taps. Please be aware the hot water can take a few minutes to come through.

Cleaning - The Premises will be cleaned prior to your arrival and we ask that the facilities are left clean and tidy at the end of your booking.  Any decorations you choose to add to enhance the hall etc. must not be attached to the painted walls, only to windows, doors and their wooden surrounds and must be taken down at the end of the period of hire, including any decorations used in the surrounding grounds.  Brooms, mops, dustpan and brush can be found in the bolted cupboard between the ladies and gents toilets in the rear corridor.  Please bolt the cupboard when you have finished, so that children do not have access to anything kept inside.

Tables (12) are located to the left of the kitchen door and are kept in place by a strap.  Please make sure the strap is securely fitted back around the tables after use.  More tables (6) are kept in the Boiler Cupboard, please ask the Bookings Secretary if you want to use any of these in addition to those located in the hall.

Chairs (80) are now kept in the Boiler Cupboard, they can be accessed via the door from the Front Entrance Lobby.  A trolley is provided for ease of transporting them into the hall.  Please do not stack any more than 10 chairs onto the trolley for safety reasons.  Please return the chairs to the Boiler Room at the end of the hire period.

BBQ’s/Hog Roasts maybe allowed on the field, with permission of Abinger Parish Council, the owner of the field.  This must be removed as soon as possible after the event (allowing time for it to cool to be safe).  Please advise the Bookings Secretary when you book the hall if you wish to use either method to cook food. ASH FROM BBQ’S MUST NOT BE EMPTIED INTO ANY DUSTBINS OR SCATTERED ON THE GROUND: please ensure you take this home.

Catering Equipment - The hall is equipped with enough china for at least 80 people.  This consists of 80 dinner plates, 80 soup/pudding bowls, 80 side plates, 80 cups and saucers, plus cream jugs, small bowls for sugar/nibbles.  There is also sufficient cutlery for 80 as well as adequate cooking utensils.  There are two hot water urns plus a kettle and teapots if required.

The fridge/freezer - These will need to be switched on if you wish to use it, but we do ask that it is emptied of all your items, wiped clean and turned off before you leave.  A microwave, oven and hob are also available for your use.

Breakages - Any breakages must be notified to The Bookings Secretary as there will be a replacement charge.

Tea towels and dish cloths - These are provided for you to use, please leave them in the kitchen for us to launder.  Washing up liquid, cloths, rubbish bags etc. are also provided and can be found in the right-hand cupboard under the sink.

Rubbish Disposal - There are clearly labelled separate black refuse bins in the kitchen for the disposal of both recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish.  In addition, all food waste MUST be emptied into a separate grey bin that can be found on the window sill above the double sink in the kitchen.  At the end of your booking please empty ALL the rubbish bins as appropriate into the dustbins located outside the rear door.

Car Parking – There are 10/12 parking places just inside the gate off the Froggetts Lane entrance.  Please only park on the hard standing areas inside this gate, not on the grass area.  Further parking is available on the public hard standing area directly opposite The Scarlett Arms.  If the weather has been exceptionally dry, then parking may be allowed on the field but please check with the Bookings Secretary before doing so.  Please do not park outside the front entrance door at any time.

Leaving the Premises - Please turn off all lights and close any windows you may have opened before vacating the premises. Please also ensure that all doors are closed and locked and the main entrance key returned to the key safe.
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – your personal data will be kept private and held securely.  It will be removed from our files after 12 months.

In an Emergency please use all three exits to evacuate the Village Hall.

Thank you
Walliswood Village Hall Association Committee

Contacts/Key Holders:
- Valerie Miles - Bookings Secretary | T: 01306 627 248
- Graham Quinnell - Treasurer | T: 01306 628 140
- Bernard Smith  | T: 01306 627 200 (lives adjacent to the hall in Froggetts Lane)
NB The grounds surrounding Walliswood Village Hall are owned by Abinger Parish Council and are open to the public to use at any time.  In practice the field is rarely used on an ad hoc basis.